Children's parties on ice

Ice Academy offers event organization in the ice arena of the shopping and entertainment center "AKROPOLE Riga"!
Contact person: Inguna Lukašēviča, phone number: 22001916

Event program:

  • Arrival in the hall an hour before the event;
  • Introduction, safety instructions, equipment distribution;
  • Going to the ice rink accompanied by coaches, to understand the participants' level;
  • According to the level of skating, participants are divided into groups if necessary;
  • Participants take part in various activities, learn skating skills, and perform tasks (relays, etc.);
  • At the end of the event, playing hockey is also possible.


Service Price incl. VAT (per hour)
Ice rink rental 220,00 euro
Instructor 80,00 euro
Instructor's assistant 60,00 euro
Animator in costume 120,00 euro
Costume rental from 20,00 euro
Photographer 60,00 euro
Video operator 120,00 euro
Skates rental 5,00 euro (per pair)
Medical personnel 30,00 euro

Take note:

  • We advise you to make a reservation no later than two weeks in advance;
  • The event times depend on the hall's workload;
  • The number of instructors and event organizers depends on the number of event participants;
  • Parent presence on the ice during the event is not planned, but in special cases, it can be agreed upon;
  • Individual agreements are possible for special decorations and themes.

Working hours

I-VII 10:00-21:00
Maxima XXX
I-VII 08.00-23.00
I–VII 9.00–22.00
Lemon Gym
I-VII 00:00-24:00