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Gift Card rules
Gift Card rules

Terms of Use of the Gift Cards of the Multifunctional Shopping and Entertainment Centre “Akropole”

1. These Terms come into force from 04-04-2019.

2. This document sets forth the terms and conditions for the use of gift cards (hereinafter referred to as the “Card”) of the Multifunctional Shopping and Entertainment Centre “Akropole” (257 Maskavas Street, Riga).

3. Card – a non-personalized, non-reloadable prepaid card (data carrier) containing a predefined stored value of electronic money which, when duly paid for, allows the Cardholder to pay for purchases (goods and services) within a limited network, i.e. the shops that are operating in the Multifunctional Shopping and Entertainment Centre “Akropole”and are marked with a special sign or information notice (hereinafter referred to as - the “Partners”).

4. The Card and electronic money (value of the card) is issued by the electronic money institution UAB “Pervesk“, address: Aušros avenue 68, LT-76233, Šiauliai, Lithuania (hereinafter referred to as - the “Issuer”),  postal address Vilniaus g. 31,  Vilnius, Lithuania, e-mail address, website:, electronic money institution license No. 17 (Issuing and Supervisory Authority: Bank of Lithuania,, data about the Issuer is collected and stored in the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania, registrar: Lithuanian State Enterprise Centre of Registers). The Issuer has the right to issue and redeem e-money in the territory of Latvia (in accordance with the licence).

5. M257, SIA (hereinafter referred to as -the “Distributor”) – the entity authorised by the Issuer distributing the Cards on the Issuer`s behalf at the information centre (“Info Centre” of the Multifunctional Shopping and Entertainment Centre “Akropole” and may represent the Issuer in relations with the natural persons and juridical persons who purchase the Cards (hereinafter referred to as -“Buyers”).

6. Lieliska Dāvana, SIA (hereinafter referred to as - the “Administrator”), in accordance with the agreements concluded with the Distributor and Issuer, technically services and administers the Distributor's Card Distribution Programme: organises the Card distribution and the provision of supplementary services, that are related to the Card distribution, to persons who have the Card (hereinafter referred to as “Cardholders”), as well as is the entity authorised by the Issuer distributing the Cards on the Issuer`s behalf and may represent the Issuer in relations with the Cardholders and Buyers. The Administrator carries out activities on behalf of the Distributor.

7. The Issuer issues electronic money and issues the Cards, loads them with e-money of corresponding value as indicated on the Card and redeems the issued e-money and performs other activities provided for by these terms.

8. The Card Distribution Programme is executed in accordance with the terms and conditions set out herein. Obligations and rights related to the aforementioned provision are as follows:

8.1. The Card distribution terms and conditions are publicly available on the internet at and at Card Distribution Points. 

8.2. Before purchasing the Card, its Buyer must familiarize himself with the terms and conditions for the use of the Card.

8.3. The Buyer who has acquired the Card becomes a Cardholder and confirms that he is familiar with these terms and conditions for the use of the Card, agrees with them and undertakes to comply with them.

8.4. The Cardholder, when transferring the Card to another person (by donating, selling, etc.), undertakes to inform another person (the future Cardholder) of these Card distribution terms and conditions. 

8.5. A person, taking over the Card, becomes a Cardholder and confirms that he is familiar with these terms and conditions for the use of the Card, accepts them and undertakes to comply with them.

8.6. The Card is not personalized, any person who possesses the card is considered to be a Cardholder. 

9. The Cards are sold by and the additional services, that are related to Card distribution, to Cardholders are provided by a company that has Customer service location (hereinafter referred to as - the “Card Distribution Point”) and operates in accordance with the Agreement concluded with the Distributor and the Administrator (hereinafter referred to as the “Card Seller”). The Card Seller acts on behalf of the Distributor.

10. The Card is intended for multiple usage, i.e. the amount of money in the Card can be used several times in different Partner shops until the nominal value of the Card is used up or until the Card expires.

11. The Cardholder can pay up to €1,000 using Cards for one purchase in a Partner shop.

12. The information that is indicated and/or saved on the Card: Card name, identification number (expressed in digits, graphic codes), and other information that is necessary for the proper informing of the Buyer or performance of Card functions.

13. The information that may be indicated and/or saved on the Card: Value of the Card (denomination), Card’s validity start and expiry date. If this information is not indicated on the Card, it can be found free of charge at the Card distribution point, on or by scanning the Card's QR code with a smartphone.’

14. The card is valid and can be used from the time of its issue to the Buyer and once its nominal value has been duly paid by the Buyer.

15. The card can be purchased online at or and in other Card distribution points. Information about Distribution Points is available on the Distributor's website

16. By acquiring the Card online and choosing a delivery by e-mail, an electronic Card is sent to the Buyer’s e-mail. An Electronic Gift Card that was purchased by e-mail and is still valid and unused, may, at the Buyer’s/Cardholder’s request, be exchanged for a regular Card in the Card distribution points.

17. Self-service – webpage or, where, by entering the required identification data (number and/or barcode), the Cardholder can check the balance and validity of the Card.

18. Card’s QR code – a two-dimensional black dot grid on a white background on the Card, which can be scanned with a special programme (a QR code reader application that can be downloaded for free) on your mobile device, and after scanning the QR code the balance and the validity of the Card are being displayed.

19. The newly purchased Card is valid for 6 (six) months from the purchase date. In exceptional cases (during promotions etc.), Cards may be issued with a longer validity period.

20. Respecting the Cardholder's privacy, the information about the Cardholder is not collected or used for promotional purposes or transferred to third parties without its consent, however, such information may be requested, if necessary, in accordance with regulatory enactments and the Cardholder/buyer of card is obliged to provide it. 

21. Cards are sold/issued by letting the Buyer to choose the denomination value of the Card with accuracy of €0.01 from €10 to 150. In exceptional cases (during promotions, etc.), Cards with non-standard denomination value may be issued, but in any case not exceeding €150.

22. For the Card and other additional services related to the Card distribution, the Buyer can pay by cash, by making an advance money transfer (if there is a possibility to accept a money transfer at the Card Distribution Point) or by other means available in the Card Distribution Point. Payment methods for the Cards and other additional services related to the Card distribution may not be compatible with existing payment methods for other goods or services in the Distribution point (e.g. bank cards may not be accepted when purchasing a Card etc.).

23. By purchasing the Card online, an additional charge of €0.89 will be applied for creating, storing and sending a secure and BDAR compliant e-document for each shopping cart.

24. Procedure for the issue of purchase documents:

24.1. When purchasing the Cards, an invoice indicating VAT is not issued. At the Buyer’s request, a Gift Card delivery and acceptance certificate may be issued.

24.2. At the Buyer’s request, the Gift card delivery and acceptance certificate and/or an invoice indicating VAT for goods and services related to the Gift Card distribution may be submitted electronically only to the e-mail address specified by the Buyer. 

24.3. No other information is sent to the e-mail provided by the Buyer, unless the Buyer is on the Distributor’s or Administrator’s newsletter subscribers list.

24.4. Information that is specified in the delivery and acceptance certificate: name, quantity and value of the purchased Cards; the information that is specified in the invoices indicating VAT: chosen goods, their quantity, discounts, the final price of the goods including all taxes, and other data required by accounting regulations.

25. The Cardholder may use the following additional services related to the Card distribution:

25.1. Extension of Card validity period. The service is provided at by entering the Card details or by presenting the Card or indicating the Contact assigned to the Card at the Card Distribution Point and the extension is carried out in accordance with this procedure:

25.1.1. The validity period can be extended for a Card that is still unused or the funds of the Card have not been not fully utilized and that is still valid or its validity has expired, but no more than 6 (six) months have passed since its purchase.

25.1.2. Extension of the Card validity period is possible for an additional period of up to 6 (six) months (from the extension date), but not longer than 12 (twelve) months from the Card purchase date.

25.1.3. For each Card’s validity period extension, the Cardholder is charged a fee of €1.45.

25.1.4. After extending the validity of the Card, the Card will not be taken from the Cardholder.

25.1.5. After the extension, the Cardholder can only use the unused funds on the Card.

25.1.6. 12 (twelve) months after the purchase of the Card, it will no longer be possible to use unused balance of the Card, the Card will be cancelled and cannot be used any more and/or extended.

25.1.7. After the expiry of the Card usage period, €4.20 maintenance of the Card account is applied every month, until the balance of the Card reaches € Redemption of electronic money:

25.2.1. If the Cardholder requests redemption of electronic money stored on a Card before the expiry of the Card, a €10 fee will be applied to cover the costs of issuing the Gift Card and electronic money.

25.2.2. If the Cardholder requests redemption of electronic money stored on a Card 12 months after the expiry of the Card, a €10 fee will be applied to cover the costs of issuing the Gift Card and electronic money.

25.2.3. Requests to redeem electronic money can be filled in by the Cardholder at Card Distribution Points after the Cardholder provides the Card, a valid passport or a valid ID card which is photocopied or scanned only to IBAN account address which is opened in his or her name (redemption in cash or to accounts opened not in Cardholder’s name are not allowed to mitigate money laundering risk).

25.2.4. Redemption may be claimed and received only once and only in the full amount of the Card balance after deduction of the relevant commission fees (if applicable).

25.3. Card Replacement: when the unspent Card is damaged, but it is possible to identify it or simply upon legitimate Cardholder’s request. The service provision procedure is as follows:

25.3.1. The service is provided after presenting a valid, unused Card or a Card that still has unused funds.

25.3.2. For each Card Replacement the Cardholder is charged a fee of €1.45. 

25.3.3. After replacing the Card, it will be taken from the Cardholder (its validity is definitively suspended) and a new Card will be issued instead.

25.3.4. The validity of the newly issued Card will remain unchanged and the denomination value will be equal to the funds that have not yet been used for purchases.

25.3.5. After replacing the Card, the identification numbers and the Card type may change.

25.4. Exchanging an electronic card for a regular Card. Service provision procedure is as follows:

25.4.1. The service is provided after presenting a valid and unused Electronic Gift Card, which was purchased online and received by e-mail.

25.4.2. For the Electronic Gift Card exchange for a regular Card, the Cardholder will be charged a fee of €1.45.

25.4.3. The Electronic Gift Card can only be exchanged for a new Card.

25.4.4. After the exchange, the Electronic Gift Card is not returned to the Buyer.

25.4.5. The validity of the Card remains the same as the validity of the Electronic Gift Card.

25.4.6. One Electronic Gift Card can be exchanged for one Card, i.e., there is no possibility to exchange one Electronic Gift Card for several Cards or to exchange several Electronic Gift Cards for one Card.

25.5. Card information provision. The Cardholder can get information about the Card’s validity, unused balance, etc. by presenting the Card (using the Card) at a Card Distribution Point, in the Partner store or at the self-service page on the website or by indicating the Contact that is assigned to the Card at the Card Distribution Point. The service provision procedure is as follows:

25.5.1. The service is provided if the Card is valid and can be identified (i.e., the Card is not damaged, it is possible to scan/read the Card identification numbers).

25.5.2. The fee for the information provision is not applied.

25.5.3. After providing the information, the Card is returned to the Cardholder, unless there are suspicions that the Card was counterfeited, used for a criminal act or in any other way violating applicable laws or these Terms. 

26. The Cardholder shall be responsible for storage and retention of Cards. Lost Cards are not renewed and cannot be suspended (blocked) or cancelled. This Clause shall also refer to stolen Cards or to Cards which the Cardholder has been otherwise unlawfully deprived of.

27. The Card is not refundable or redeemable for cash, except cases specified in the Law on Payment Services and Electronic Money.

28. The Card is the property of the Issuer and after the last payment, when the Card balance is €0.00, the Card can be taken from the Cardholder.

29. If the Card is used to pay for goods with prices higher than the denomination value of the Card, the Cardholder may pay the difference. If the Card is used to pay for goods with prices lower than the denomination value of the Card, only the amount required to pay for the goods is charged from the Card.

30. If the Card is valid and has the required e-money balance, it can be used for an unlimited number of purchases.

31. If the Card is not used within 12 (twelve) months from the date of its expiration (regardless of whether the Card has been replaced or its validity has been extended), it is considered that the Card services were provided to the Cardholder (in accordance with the Card Distribution Programme) and the Card is cancelled and cannot be further used for purchases of goods and services.

32. The Partner has the right to refuse to accept the Card if it is damaged or it is impossible to scan/read the identification numbers or if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the Card may be counterfeited. In such case the legitimate Cardholder should contact the Administrator and follow the procedures indicated in these Terms. 

33. If the Card was used to pay (partially or fully) for goods and these goods are being returned, the Partner (the shop for which the goods are being returned) has the right to give another Card in the used value of the Card, which was used to pay for goods. A new Card can be delivered to Cardholder within seven (7) days of the return of the goods.

34. If the Card is damaged but it is possible to identify it (scan/read the Card identification numbers), the Cardholder may use additional Card Distribution Services and replace the Card to a new one at the Card distribution points.

35. If the Card is damaged and it is not possible to identify it by its number or barcode, such Card cannot be used, returned, nor the money for it repaid and additional Card Distribution Services cannot be provided to the Cardholder (extension of Card validity and other services).

36. From the Card acquisition moment, the Cardholder is personally responsible for the Card security. Unless the Cardholder willingly decides to give the Card to a third party in any way, the Cardholder ensures that the physical possession of the Card is limited with himself, and that the Card identification data (numbers, graphical codes, etc.) will not become known to unauthorised third parties who, using these Card identification numbers, could counterfeit or use the Card for purchasing of goods/services or reselling it, otherwise taking advantage of it and/or otherwise undermine the Cardholder's interests. The Cardholder, having become aware that his Card identification data may be known to third parties, should immediately try to use the Card to purchase goods or services, or immediately but no later than within 2 hours inform the Administrator (by calling the number: +371 6601 8025 AND sending e-mail to: and request that the compromised Card be blocked and replaced (if it has not yet been used up). The Cardholder must immediately but not later than within 2 hours notify the Administrator (by calling the following number: +371 6601 8025 AND sending e-mail to: of any unauthorized or incorrectly used Card and apply to law enforcement authorities. After selling/giving the Card to the Cardholder (Buyer), the Issuer, the Distributor or Administrator will no longer be responsible for the security of the Card, therefore all the losses shall be incurred by the Cardholder.

37. If the Cardholder violates these Terms and Conditions and/or participates in the Programme violating the laws of the Republic of Latvia and/or carries out activities that could be considered as intentional damage to the Issuer, Distributor, Administrator, Partners, Card sellers or other participants of the Programme, its Card may be cancelled, the money will not be returned, new Cards may not be sold to this person and additional services, which are related to the Card Distribution, may not be provided to him and this person may be reported to law enforcement authorities.

38. These Card Terms may be changed, and these changes must be published not later than 15 (fifteen) days before coming into force in

39. Information about the Card is available online at, by calling the Akropole Shopping Centre’s phone number +371 62302150or Lieliska Dāvana’s phone number +371 6601 8025 and at the Card Selling Points.

40. At the Akropole Shopping Centre, there might be Partners that sell goods or services for which cannot be paid for by Card. The current list of these Partners is made available at and at the end of these rules.

41. The Card may not be accepted if there are any suspicions that the Card is fake or damaged.

42. If the Gift Card Programme is executed improperly, the Cardholder or other person concerned have the right to submit a written complaint. All complaints in relation to the Card and the Programme are administered by the Administrator and shall be sent to the following address: Lieliska Dāvana, SIA, Bērzaunes iela 7 (3rd floor), Riga, Latvia. The Administrator must examine the claim within 30 (thirty) days and give the person concerned an answer at the Administrator's office, by post, by e-mail or in another agreed manner.

43. Upon purchasing the Card, the Buyer get acquainted and concludes the Card Agreement with the Issuer, the Distributor and the Administrator under which they confirm that they have become acquainted with these Conditions and that they agree with them and undertake to comply with them. The Card Agreement is constituted from these Terms and Conditions, the conditions related with the Card and the receipt or goods waybill on purchase of the Card. These Terms and Conditions shall be an integral part to the Card Agreement and as such shall be binding on all Buyers and Cardholders. The Card Agreement shall be entered into conclusively. The Card Agreement will be deemed to have been concluded from the time of issue of the Card to the Buyer or as soon as an order for Cards is placed, from time that the respective order becomes binding on the Buyer and is valid until the final (non-extendable) expiration of the Card.

44. The Parties agree that provisions of Articles 66, Subparagraph 2 of Paragraph 1 of Article 82, Subparagraphs 3, 4 and 5 of Paragraph 1 of Article 83, Paragraphs 4 and 5 of Article 87, Articles 85 and 86 and of Paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 87 of Law on Payment Services and Electronic Money shall not apply. 

45. The language of the Card Agreement and communication of the parties during this contractual relationship shall be English and Latvian. In cases of discrepancies, Latvian shall prevail. 

46. During the validity of the Card Agreement, the Cardholder has the right to receive on request information about the contractual terms of the Card Agreement, as well as these Terms on paper or using another durable medium.

47. The Parties agree that neither the Issuer nor the Administrator are obliged to identify and provide information regarding the use of each Card, its amount and other information related to the usage of the Card, except the remaining balance of the Card, because the Card is used anonymously.

48. The Card Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Latvia with the courts of Latvia being competent courts to review the cases in case of disputes related to this Card Agreement.


AKROPOLE gift cards cannot be used for payment at the following stores and service locations:

 „Citadele banka“ „Money express“, „BTA“, „Swedbank“, „TAVEX“, „Veselības centrs 4, E.Gulbja laboratorija“, „Vynoteka“, „DINO ZOO“, " 4F", “Tabakas studija”,  "Royal Smoke", "Latvijas pasts",  "Robert Smart", "Caffeine", "Čili Pizza".

At AKROPOLE Information Center, you can't pay for "Biļešu servisa" and "Biļešu Paradīze" tickets.

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