“Akropole” introduces innovative safety measures to promote safe shopping


During the time when COVID-19 has reached an even higher risk level in Latvia, the shopping and entertainment centre “Akropole”, as a socially responsible company, is postponing all planned public events indefinitely and applying new precautionary initiatives. To provide a safe shopping environment and to limit the spread of the virus, “Akropole” escalators have built-in handle disinfectant mechanisms, new contactless hand sanitiser dispensers have been added, and specialised air purifying systems are continuously purifying the air in lifts. Setting “Akropole” visitor and employee safety as our priority, in order to apply operative and effective precautionary measures, the company has invested nearly 20 000 euros.

“Unfortunately, the golden autumn has brought us not only beautiful sceneries all-around, but also a number of new COVID-19 cases. Having the utmost responsibility towards our employees and visitors, we have come up with the latest preventive actions to limit the virus. These preventative measures will ensure that when shopping in “Akropole” customers are both comfortable, and most importantly safe, a multitude of innovations adds to already applied preventative measure list,” says Zane Kaktiņa, the CEO of shopping and entertainment centre “Akropole”.

“Akropole” is the first shopping centre in Latvia, in which all the escalators are equipped with disinfectants. “Akropole” escalators have special built-in handle disinfectant mechanisms, which provide continuous hand sanitisation with UV light. UV-light fights viruses and bacteria, eliminating their structure without any chemicals and in a way that is harmless to humans.

To ensure that air inhaled by shopping centre visitors and employees is of good quality, the ventilation systems of “Akropole” continue to operate in fresh air mode. Simultaneously, all elevators of the shopping centre “Akropole” (for the first time in Latvia) have air purification and disinfectant equipment based on PCOTM (Photocatalytic Oxidation) technology. It effectively reduces air pollution, including pathogen microorganisms or smells, and continuously ensures fresh and clean air in lift cabins, which is extremely important in limited spaces. 

In addition to the number of hand sanitisers that have so far been available in stores, seven new contactless hand sanitisers have been placed by the shopping centre entrances. The antiseptic gets applied to your hands by automatically spraying it through nozzles in a contactless manner.

Shopping and entertainment centre “Akropole” continues to carefully implement all the safety measures implemented by the government, as well as will continue to closely follow the events, the flow of customers and further instructions from the state institutions. All “Akropole” employees are closely monitoring their health.

Shopping and entertainment centre “Akropole” administration has made the decision to postpone all planned events indefinitely. The loved events “Akropole Māmiņu rīti ar Gundegu Rozi” and “Iedvesmas vakari”, which gained great interest from women, are now planned to take place online.

About the shopping and entertainment centre “Akropole”

In the shopping and entertainment centre “Akropole” you can also find the only multi-brand store in Latvia “Van Graaf” and leather clothing store “KARA”, as well as the sports and lifestyle stores “USC” and “adidas Originals”. Right here you can find the largest brand stores in Latvia, such as “Zara”, “Reserved”, “Deichmann”, “Oysho”, “Guess” and “KidzOne”. The wide range is complemented by restaurants and cafés to everyone’s taste, a large and elegant “Maxima” XXX supermarket, a modern “Lemon Gym” sports club, an all year around ice rink and other shopping and entertainment places for the whole family.

“Akropole” is not only the most modern shopping and entertainment centre in Latvia, but also the first to receive the prestige BREEAM certificate in the designing and also the construction stage, thanks to the high energy efficiency and sustainability standards. “Akropole” was also recognised as the winner in the nomination category “New Public Building” in the “Latvian Construction Industry's Annual Award 2019” contest, and was recognised as the best BIM object in the show “The Best Building of the Year in Latvia 2019”. Moreover, “Akropole” has the largest B+ class Business centre in Latvia, which is connected to the shopping centre.

Working hours

I-VII 10:00-21:00
Maxima XXX
I-VII 08.00-23.00
Skating Rink
I–VII 9.00–22.00
Lemon Gym
I-V 6:00-22:00; VI-VII 9:00 - 22:00