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Akropole Office Centre offers high class office premises in Riga


Akropole Office Centre offers high class office premises in Riga

With the opening of the new Akropole shopping and entertainment centre, the city of Riga has also obtained a new office building in which spacious and light Class B+ office premises are available for lease on nine storeys spanning just under 10,000 square metres.  

60% of the available office premises in the Akropole Office Centre have already been leased out to various businesses, and negotiations are currently under way regarding leasing out the remaining space available. The open spatial plan and raised floor system means that office plans and finishes are easily adaptable to the requirements of the tenants.

Currently, premises can be leased on the three upper floors, i.e. the seventh, eighth and ninth, as well as on the second floor of the Office Centre. On average, each floor has about 1,160 m2 of space available for lease, which can be divided into two parts so that premises can be leased starting from 500 m2. In turn, office spaces of up to 3,500 m2 are available across several floors for tenants seeking larger premises.  

Just like Akropole shopping and entertainment centre, the Office Centre has received the prestigious BREEAM certificate confirming the project’s compliance to higher energy efficiency and sustainability standards, providing not only the most environment and tenant friendly solutions, but also lower utility service charges. The office centre has been designed and built so that natural lighting can access any part of the premises through the glass facade. A pleasant microclimate in both summer and winter is ensured by a highly efficient central water cooling system. An additional bonus worth mentioning is that windows in every office can be opened, which means that offices can be ventilated naturally. 

Another advantage, convenient for both office tenants and Office Centre visitors alike, is the spacious car park for 2,300 cars within the territory of Akropole shopping and entertainment centre. This is the only office centre in Latvia that is connected to a shopping centre, where office workers can not only have lunch at any one of almost 30 restaurants and cafés, but also do their daily or festive shopping during the lunch break or straight after work, thus saving the time usually spent con commuting to other places. In Akropole shopping and entertainment centre you can also find a wide range of retail outlets and service providers including a post office, dry cleaners, several banks, a gym and a medical centre offering essential everyday products and services. 

If you are interested in leasing premises at the new Akropole Office Centre, please contact the representatives of Newsec.

Armands Broničs: +371 28314240

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