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Akropole Shopping and Entertainment Centre has welcomed its 10 millionth visitor


Yesterday, on 29 May, the tenth millionth visitor since the opening of the centre last April was greeted at the Akropole shopping and entertainment centre. In order to celebrate this special moment, the lucky visitor Svetlana from Riga, who visited the shopping and entertainment centre with her daughter, was greeted with a flower bouquet and a gift card for shopping at Akropole. Observing all safety measures, Akropole manager Zane Kaktiņa greeted the lucky customer.

Svetlana says that she visits Akropole regularly and plans to use the gift card for making purchases for the whole family, especially children. Svetlana appreciates the shopping and entertainment centre for the fact that there is a wide range of entertainment options for families, especially for children – ice rink, playgrounds, etc. Svetlana's daughter, on the other hand, enjoys the delicious ice cream that can be found in the Akropole cafes.

Since its opening, Akropole shopping and entertainment centre has become a popular and frequently visited destination both among Rigans and guests of the city. The data compiled by the company show that comparing the results of the 4th quarter with the 2nd quarter of last year, when the doors of Akropole were opened, the number of visitors has increased by a quarter or 25%, which indicates a continuous influx and interest of new visitors. According to Akropole manager Zane Kaktiņa, the guests of the shopping and entertainment centre appreciate not only the wide offering of shopping and entertainment possibilities, restaurants and cafes, but also the latest architectural and interior trends combined with the historical heritage of the Kuznetsov porcelain factory.

"Although we witnessed a decrease in the number of visitors in March and April – during harshest restrictions of the state of emergency, in May the flow of visitors has gradually increased. We are pleased to have reached the threshold of 10 million visitors and will continue to provide our customers with a new level of shopping and entertainment experience in a modern, high-quality and safe environment. This year, we will continue our growth both in terms of the number of visitors and turnover,” says Akropole shopping and entertainment centre manager Zane Kaktiņa.

Compared to 2018, the sales volumes of tenants of Akropolis Group, which manages shopping and entertainment centres and office buildings in Latvia and Lithuania, have also increased by almost a quarter or 22% – last year the turnover of tenants in Vilnius, Klaipeda, Siauliai and Riga reached EUR 697.9 million. Last year, the sales of gifts and accessories, as well as books, press and stationery in the shopping centres managed by Akropolis Group grew the fastest – namely, by 10%. Sales of cosmetics, perfumery and medicine increased by 9%, while sales of cafes and restaurants grew by 7%.

While the state of emergency remains in force in Latvia until 9 June, Akropole shopping and entertainment centre provides all the necessary measures for safe and convenient shopping. As the number of visitors to the shopping and entertainment centre increases, the administration of Akropole closely monitors in online systems the number of visitors who are in the shopping centre at the same time. In case there are more visitors at the shopping and entertainment centre than necessary to ensure a safe distance, the entrance into Akropole is regulated. At each entrance, hand disinfectants are placed, which are regularly refilled, once per hour every day, intense cleaning of contact surfaces with disinfectants is performed in addition to standard cleaning procedures, and Akropole ventilation systems are switched from circulation mode to fresh air mode, which together with air filters ensures that the air inside the shopping and entertainment centre is cleaner than the air outside. The wide corridors of Akropole allow you to make purchases safely and without difficulty keep your distance from other visitors, and posters and information notices encourage visitors not to crowd and to keep the distance. Besides, protective glass has been installed in Akropole info centre and Business Centre reception, shopping and entertainment centre recreation areas have been redesigned, ensuring a distance of 2 m between seats, as well as all employees closely monitor their health and are asked to use all the necessary protective equipment.

Akropole is not only the newest and most modern shopping and entertainment centre in Latvia, but also the first shopping and entertainment centre which, thanks to the highest energy efficiency and sustainability standards, has received the prestigious BREEM certificate at the design and also at the construction stage. Akropole has also been recognized as the winner in the nomination category “The Best New Public Building” of the competition “Latvian Construction Annual Awards 2019” and has been acknowledged as the best BIM object in the show “The Best Building of the Year in Latvia 2019”. Akropole is home to the largest B+ class Business Centre in Latvia, which is connected to a shopping centre. Here, visitors will find the only Van Graaf multi-brand store in the Baltics, a Deichmann footwear store, as well as the region’s only USC and adidas Originals sporting and lifestyle goods stores. In addition, the shopping centre also contains the biggest Zara, Reserved, Oysho, Guess and KidzOne brand stores in Latvia, as well as the only River Island brand store that also offers a collection for men. This extensive range of shops is augmented by restaurants and cafés for various tastes, a spacious and elegant Maxima XXX supermarket, an all-year ice rink, as well as other exciting shopping and entertainment options for the entire family.

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