Akropole supports local musicians by playing only the records of Latvian performers during the state of emergency


Taking into account the state of emergency declared throughout the country and its impact not only on our society, but also on economic processes and various industries, Akropole will play only music by local performers in the shopping and entertainment centre until the end of the state of emergency. Culture is one of the most affected industries during the global coronavirus pandemic, and Akropole initiative to play records of local performers will provide additional financial support for domestic musicians who are currently unable to perform and participate in various cultural events.

“There is no doubt that the state of emergency and restrictions on gatherings have been an unprecedented challenge for almost every inhabitant of Latvia, including cultural workers, most of whom are currently left without the means of subsistence. During this challenging time, we would like to support Latvian musicians by playing only music created by local artists in Latvian, Russian and English. Solidarity and support for local artists is one of the ways to mitigate the effects of the crisis”, says Akropole Shopping and Entertainment Centre CEO Zane Kaktiņa.

According to the data, until 14 April at least 1,600 events did not take place, and this number includes both free events and events with already sold tickets. 180 companies and around 1,500 participants were involved in the preparation of these events. The Minister of Culture Nauris Puntulis (Nacionālā apvienība/National Association) in the LTV program Rīta Panorāma predicted that the losses in the industry and, consequently, the necessary financing to compensate for the losses could be 25 million euros. The Minister pointed out that if the restrictions on gatherings will not be lifted until the end of the year, the amount of losses could reach 30 million euros.[1]

The decision of Akropole Shopping and Entertainment Centre to play only the records of local musicians will provide additional royalties to local artists, which will be obtained from playing their music. The Latvian Association of Performers and Producers which ensures the administration of property rights of domestic and foreign performers and phonogram producers, points out that playing songs by Latvian musicians would be a noticeable support to creative intellectuals during this challenging time.

"During the emergency, new solutions are being sought to support music professionals, and one way for musicians to receive a remuneration is through royalties for playing of music in public places which continue to operate during the state of emergency. We highly appreciate the decision of Akropole to be with us in these challenging times! Playing music created in Latvia promotes the recognition of local music, creativity and stimulates the income of the industry, providing significant support to musicians who are currently in a state of downtime,” says Liena Grīna, Executive Manager of the Latvian Association of Performers and Producers.

It has already been reported that, in order to ensure the safety of employees and visitors, the shopping and entertainment centre carefully continues to take all the security measures imposed so far by the government, as well as proactively and on its own initiative take additional measures to control the spread of the disease. Hand disinfectants are placed at each entrance, in addition to standard cleaning requirements, regular and intensified cleaning of contact surfaces with disinfectants is performed, ventilation systems of Akropole are switched from circulation mode to fresh air mode. All employees also closely monitor their health condition. Akropole administration encourages visitors to be responsible for themselves and other persons and to observe a distance of 2 m, thereby reducing the possibility of crowding.

Akropole shopping and entertainment centre is not only the newest and most modern shopping centre in Latvia, but also the first shopping and entertainment centre in Latvia which, thanks to the highest energy efficiency and sustainability standards, has received the prestige BREEM certificate at the designing and also at the construction stage. Akropole has also been recognized as the winner in the nomination category “The Best Public Building” of the competition “Latvian Construction Annual Awards 2019” and has been acknowledged as the best BIM object in the show “The Best Building of the Year in Latvia 2019”. Akropole is home to the largest B+ class Business Centre in Latvia, which is connected to the shopping centre. Here, visitors will find the only Van Graaf multi-brand store in the Baltics, a Deichmann footwear store, as well as the region’s only USC and adidas Originals sporting and lifestyle goods stores. In addition, the shopping centre also contains the biggest Zara, Reserved, Oysho, Guess and KidzOne brand stores in Latvia, as well as the only River Island brand store to also offer a collection for men. This extensive range of shops is augmented by restaurants and cafés for various tastes, a spacious and elegant Maxima XXX supermarket, modern gym, as well as various leisure and entertainment options for the whole family.

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