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Akropole Survey: Latvia’s Population Enjoys Shopping in Shopping Centres


According to the results of a survey conducted by the multifunctional shopping and entertainment centre Akropole, most members of the Latvian public still highly appreciate the advantages of shopping in person and willingly visit shopping centres on an everyday basis. The most important criteria, when choosing a shopping centre to visit are the availability of a supermarket, convenient access, as well as a wide range of clothing and footwear shops. Other important aspects include a user-friendly shopping centre plan and shop layout.

"It is evident that the absolute majority (96%) of the Latvian population chooses to do its shopping at a shopping centre, because it is convenient and allows them to obtain all they need in one place, more often than not combining their daily needs with spending quality time," says Akropole Rīga Managing Director and Akropolis Group Board Member Kaspars Beitiņš“After opening next year, Akropole will be one of the most modern shopping centres in the Baltics with an extensive range of shops, cafés and restaurants, well-thought out plan and developed infrastructure for convenient access and a large free car park. Moreover, reflecting global trends that are also reflected in the habits of the Latvian public, the shopping experience at Akropole can be augmented with leisure, entertainment and even sporting activities."

What then are the criteria that matter to the Latvian public when it comes to choosing which shopping centre to visit? The survey conducted in collaboration with Snapshots shows that the criteria for choosing a shopping centre vary. Thus, for example, for consumers aged 18 to 29 years, more so than for the average visitor to one of Latvia’s supermarkets, it is important that a shopping centre offers them access to clothing and footwear shops, cafés and restaurants, cosmetics and beauty care products, sporting goods, a cinema and gym. Interestingly, more than any other age group, these are the consumers for whom the shop environment and interior are important, along with environmentally friendly access using a bicycle.

Meanwhile, the generation that is in its thirties is noteworthy for have much higher expectations in regard to convenient car parking (car parks are important to over half of those surveyed), entertaining activities in addition to access to shops, as well as a wide range of sporting goods. In contrast, for the senior generation aged 60 years and over, it is important that a shopping centre should offer access to a supermarket and household goods.

Respondents whose monthly income reaches EUR 700-900 have higher expectations in regard to the additional services that a shopping centre offers. For them, more so than for the average shopper, it is important that they can combine shopping with entertainment and that the shopping centre has a play room for children, as well as preventative health services. This particular group of respondents also considers convenient car parking next to the shopping centre to be important.

Akropole Rīga Managing Director Kaspars Beitiņš acknowledges that the retailing sector in Latvia is currently experiencing stable growth. Moreover, the potential to open new shopping areas in Latvia remains considerable. However, the public expects more than just standard shopping. “We have diligently worked to ensure that Akropole is a multifunctional shopping and entertainment centre, which, in addition to the pleasure of shopping, offers visitors of various ages a wealth of entertainment and leisure options.” To give visitors the chance to enjoy quality entertainment, Akropole will have a multiplex movie theatre with Latvia’s first IMAX theatre and special cinema restaurant halls, as well as a large ice rink, bowling, gym, various sporting game simulators, an interactive rock climbing wall, children’s playgrounds, and various other amenities that matter to contemporary visitors. It will also boast 17 restaurants and cafes that will offer the visitors delicious meals, and some of the places will be brand new to Latvia.


* The Akropole population survey was conducted from 11-22 October 2018, in collaboration with Snapshots, surveying 719 of Latvia’s inhabitants, who are Internet users aged from 18 to 74 years.

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