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Among BREEAM certified Akropole Business Centre’s tenants – Maxima Latvia, Estoty, Aon and other companies


In recent years, there has been a shortage of quality office spaces in Riga. If we compare the Latvian capital to its neighbour Tallinn, the total volume of office space in Riga is about 800,000 m2, whereas in Tallinn it is over 1 million m2. However, the situation is slowly changing and every year more office spaces are becoming available in Riga. In this context, Akropole Business Centre, which opened last year, has become one of the most desirable options – it is the biggest Class B+ business centre in Latvia, which is connected to a shopping centre, and it has recently received the prestigious BREEAM ("Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessement Method") certificate for its construction stage ensuring the building meets the highest energy efficiency and sustainability standards. The Business Centre is already home to companies like Maxima Latvia, Estoty and Aon, which will soon be joined by several others including Barbora and Eiropica.

“Akropole Business Centre offers modern, spacious and light Class B+ office premises for rent. We’re delighted by the fact that various businesses are interested in renting premises, and our list of tenants already includes influential domestic companies and the foreign business subsidiaries. The Business Centre’s employees can enjoy valuable benefits, which are highly appreciated by our tenants – free parking, wide choice of restaurants and cafés, as well as the opportunity to do their daily shopping in Akropole stores. Another big plus for the businesses that call our business centre their home is the building’s energy efficiency solutions, certified by BREEAM, as well as the open space plan and raised floor system, which means that the office plan and finishing can be adapted to each tenant’s needs,” explains Akropole Shopping and Entertainment Centre’s CEO Zane Kaktiņa.

Thanks to the benefits and amenities offered by Akropole Business Centre, Estoty and Aon’s Latvian subsidiary have already installed their offices here. The biggest rental space is occupied by Maxima Latvia, which will conduct its operations on Akropole Business Centre’s 4th-6th floors, taking up over 3,500 m2. Theses tenants will soon also be joined by SIA Barbora, which owns an Internet food store, and SIA Eiropica, the company that manages CanCan pizzerias and Caif Cafe cafés.

Although some of the Business Centre’s premises have already been occupied by tenants, the 7th-9th floors of the building with a total area of 3,600 m2 are still available to new tenants – every tenant that rents at least 500 m2 of rental space, the premises can be arranged and installed in accordance with their requirements.

“We are proud that we have built the most modern retail office in the Baltics, thus boosting the company’s efficiency. This means that we can cut prices for further customers. Maxima’s new home is a strong foundation to increase employees’ well-being and motivation,” says Maxima Latvia Board Member Jānis Vanags.

Just like Akropole Shopping and Entertainment Centre, the business centre received the prestigious BREEAM certificate at the design stage, which confirms that the project meets the highest energy efficiency and sustainability standards, guaranteeing not only the friendliest solutions for both the environment and tenants, but also lower utility service charges. Just recently it has received the BREEAM certificate for its construction stage as well, and the Business Centre has been designed and built so that natural lighting can enter any part of the premises through glazed facades. A pleasant micro-climate in the building is guaranteed in both summer and winter by a high efficiency water cooling system. Moreover, the windows in every office can be opened, which means that the premises can be ventilated naturally. 

“We are very satisfied with the new office – it conforms to all the highest requirements, allied to an outstanding location, which means that employees, partners and clients can get here easily and conveniently by both car and public transport. At Akropole Business Centre, we were able to adapt the premises to our needs – to choose the premises’ layout and plan and to introduce design solutions. A big advantage is the fact that we can use all the additional services offered by Akropole – this is where we organise business lunches with clients, partners and have lunch ourselves, as well as organising employee motivation and sustainability events, also, employees can do their daily shopping after work,” points out Vitis Nolbergs, Managing Director of Aon Latvian subsidiary.

Akropole is home to one of the most extensive offerings of stores, brands and services anywhere. Therefore, the Business Centre’s employees can save time usually spent visiting another shopping centres. The shopping and entertainment centre also offers additional services such as a post office, dry cleaning, branches of several banks, a sports club, beauty care services, as well as a medical centre and lots of others. Akropole Business Centre’s employees and other visitors can also enjoy other unique entertainment options including a large all-year ice rink for organising ice hockey training and games, ice shows and skating, an O’Leary’s Entertainment Centre, which offers bowling, pools and various sports game simulators, an Apollo Kino cinemas with the only IMAX movie theatre in Latvia, as well as a wide range of entertainment and leisure options for kids including Latvia’s biggest indoor playground which will open this spring.

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