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Changes to the infrastructure next to new SC Akropole from 1 April


Various changes to the infrastructure of the new shopping and entertainment centre Akropole will enter service from 1 April. These changes apply to both car drivers and public transport users. 

On 1 April, the newly-built viaduct on Krasta Street will enter service, connecting Krasta Street to the shopping centre car park and the access road to the Akropole territory from Maskavas Street, as well as providing an exit from it onto Maskavas Street and the traffic lights installed there. Likewise, drivers will be provided with extra lanes on which to turn from Maskavas Street on to Slāvu Street, and additional lanes for making a U-turn on Slāvu Street. Traffic lights installed on Slāvu Street and Salaspils Street will also enter service. In turn, for the convenience of public transport users, from 4 April, newly installed public transport stops named Kuzņecovs will enter service on Salaspils Street, where the No.18 bus, No.15 trolleybus and No.316 and 204 minibus will stop. 

“With the development of this shopping and entertainment centre, the city has acquired new features and thanks to the improved infrastructure, the local community will benefit from more efficient transport flow, as well as more convenient and safer traffic for pedestrians,” says Akropole Rīga CEO and Akropolis Group Board Member Kaspars Beitiņš. He points out that a total of EUR 7 million has been invested in the construction and upgrading of infrastructure and that after the completion of all the planned landscaping and greenery jobs, the tidy and attractive environment will not only please members of the local community but every visitor to the Latgale suburb.  

The new shopping centre will be opened on 4 April

It has already been announced that the new shopping and entertainment centre Akropole will be opened on 4 April. Among almost 170 tenants, there are fashion and lifestyle goods shops, as well as various service providers, restaurants and cafés. Shoppers will be able make their everyday purchases in an elegant and spacious Maxima XXX store, while a car park with space for 2,300 cars will be available outside the shopping centre.
Akropole is one of the biggest construction projects in Latvia in recent years, and total investments in the realisation of the project, including in the construction of transport infrastructure and landscaping, will reach almost EUR 180 million. The project designer is SIA Sarma un Norde Arhitekti and the building contractor is SIA Merks. 

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