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Construction works of “Akropole” start in a full amount


Construction works of the multifunctional shopping center “Akropole” located on Maskavas street 257 have started in a full amount. General contractor of the project is a construction company SIA “MERKS”. The project is planned to be finished till January, 2019.

Within creation of multifunctional shopping center “Akropole” an important part is to maintain surrounding environment – create a pleasant place both for inhabitants and visitors of the city. “Akropole” will provide unique and a new generation offer in one place. The most famous world-wide and local brands will be gathered. Wide entertainment possibilities are also planned – there will be an ice rink, it will be possible to enjoy movies at the cinema complex, play bowling, have a nice meal at restaurants and spend time in spacious children entertainment area. The total area of “Akropole” shopping center will be approximately 98,000 m2, including quality office space approximately 9,000 m2 of the area. In construction of “Akropole” in total will be invested 100.2 million EUR.

After a recent implementation of international construction tender as general contractor for implementation of the project has been chosen a construction company SIA “MERKS”. “Our aim is to offer a new level of shopping and entertainment experience which will be wrapped into synthesis of modern architecture complemented by historical elements, this will be a place for people to experience the spirit of Kuznetsov porcelain factory. We are very happy that project reached a new step in its development and now implementation of construction in a full amount has started,” about the project tells multifunctional shopping center “Akropole” communication consultant Ralfs Vīlands.

“We are proud that our company is participating in this impressive project. In Latvian construction industry such large-scale projects can be considered as unique and not so frequent, therefore this is very exciting and serious opportunity to show our quality of work implementation,” impressions regarding the project shares member of the board of the construction company SIA “MERKS”, Oskars Ozoliņš. General contractor has made a decision to engage company “MITNIJA” UAB from Lithuania as their partner, which previously has constructed “Akropolis” shopping centers in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda.

The technical design of “Akropole” building is conducted by the ‘Sarma & Norde arhitekti’ architect bureau, which is one of the leading Latvian architectural bureaus. While technical supervision of the project provides company SIA “Būvuzraugi LV”.

From November 2016 till March of this year pre-construction works which included pile-driving was implemented. Throughout this stage were driven 2851 piles and that was implemented by construction company “Skonto Būve”. “We would like to express our gratitude to “Skonto Būve” for cooperation. Pre-construction works were done qualitatively and will be an excellent basis for further construction works. Also we would like to thank our neighbours for support throughout the process of construction, we highly appreciate it,” says Ralfs Vīlands.

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