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'EX NIHILO’ masterpiece fragrances are already available in all Crème de la Crème stores!

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What connects world-renowned celebrities like the supermodels Hailey Bieber and Barbara Palvin, the rap music icon Drake, and the outstanding U.S. basketballer LeBron James? Of course, first and foremost, unparalleled success in their respective fields, as well as incomparable courage, and millions of fans, but all these stars and many others belong to the club of those who love the ‘EX NIHILO’ fragrances created in Paris. It's a public secret that Drake is a frequent visitor to the 'EX NIHILO’ boutique in Canada because of his appreciation for the scents ‘AMBER SKY' and ‘OUD VENDÔME’. Hailey Bieber’s long-term love for the EX NIHILO masterpiece ‘FLEUR NARCOTIQUE’ is also no secret; in many interviews about her personal rituals and the contents of her handbag, she names this fragrance as her personal signature. H. Bieber has been known to fly to Paris specifically to visit the EX NIHILO boutique in order to purchase a new bottle of FLEUR NARCOTIQUE.

Luxury in every detail: with its elegant Art Deco-style bottles in a rich, eye-catching blue and its stunning outlets and olfactory scents, the EX NIHILO fragrance house, established in Paris in 2013 has become an unstoppable force of nature and has invaded the world of haute parfumerie, instantly becoming one of its leaders. The name of the 'EX NIHILO' fragrance house derives from the Latin phrase meaning “out of nothing”. The philosophical name invites us to break free from the rules and look at haute parfumerie anew from a fresh perspective. Choosing inspired French artists, photographers, and designers as a source of inspiration, today 'EX NIHILO' exalts bright personalities who have created their own unique style.

Crème de la Crème boutiques are the long-awaited 'EX NIHILO' embassies in the Baltic States.

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