In the campaign “Let’s help prepare for school together!” nearly EUR 21,000 and school supplies for 128 children to start the school year have been donated


The charity campaign “Let’s help prepare for school together!” ended last Sunday, giving everyone the chance to support Latvian families in need as well Ukrainian refugee families by helping them prepare their children for school. During the three weeks, people and businesses transferred or made cash donations amounting to EUR 20,997.78. Meanwhile, the items left in the special school supply donation boxes in the shopping and entertainment centres AKROPOLE Rīga and AKROPOLE Alfa will be delivered with the help of to 128 children whose parents faced challenges this year in preparing their children for the new school year.

AKROPOLE and the charity organisation would like to thank all those who donated and all cooperation partners, including the publisher Jānis Roze, the retail network Maxima Latvija, the technology company TET, the board game store BRAIN GAMES, the public relations agency VA Communications Rud Pedersen Group, the media agency INITIATIVE Latvia, the creative agency Not Perfect Riga and the advertising agency MBoom ad, for their support to the charity campaign.

“This year, together with the involvement of the public and partners, we have provided significant support to the families of both low-income Latvian and Ukrainian refugee children as they look forward to the new school year. On behalf of AKROPOLE shopping centres I would like to thank everyone who donated and supported the project this year, so that more children in Latvia can start the new school year with full backpacks and more joy and enthusiasm to learn,” says Aija Urbāne-Orbāne, Marketing Manager of shopping centres AKROPOLE Rīga and AKROPOLE Alfa.

“Education is at the heart of well-being, so we thank AKROPOLE shopping centres for making this charity campaign a reality. Thank you to the people who responded to help Latvian and Ukrainian pupils. New school bags, notebooks and school supplies will give self-confidence and a sense of empowerment to the little aspirants,” says Rūta Dimanta, Head of the Charity Organisation

“Preparing for the new school season has made many parents seriously reconsider their school supply list, including giving up some items that they had bought before – so as not to go over budget. Seeing the results of this year’s campaign is extremely gratifying – despite the fact that this year has been hit by significant inflation which has caused many to tighten their belts, donations are higher than ever before. A huge thanks to everyone who participated in the campaign and helped prepare for school together,” says Inga Akmentiņa-Smildziņa, Head of the Parents’ Organisation

For the fourth year charity campaign “Let’s help prepare for school together!”  is organised by AKROPOLE shopping and entertainment centres in cooperation with the charity organisation, the research agency Norstat and the parents’ organisation The charity campaign was organised with the aim of helping pupils from low-income Latvian families and Ukrainian refugee families to better prepare for the new school year.

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