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Akropole is one of the most ambitious construction projects in Latvia during the last few years. Area of the shopping centre building is 98 000 square meters, while the total area of the territory is almost 16 hectares. Akropole Riga Managing Director and Akropolis Group Board Member Kaspars Beitiņš states that the total amount invested into implementation of the project, including transport infrastructure and improving the vicinity, amounts to almost 180 million euros.

“We are pleased that public and local institutions have confirmed the high quality of the building,” says Kaspars Beitiņš, Akropole Riga CEO and Akropolis Group Board Member. “We are proud that due to the carefully considered planning, skilful selection of materials, technologies and systems Akropole is the first shopping centre in Latvia that already in the design stage had been awarded the prestigious BREEAM certificate. The certificate confirms that the project complies with the highest energy efficiency and sustainability standards, thereby ensuring the most environmentally friendly and user friendly solutions."

Construction works of the multifunctional shopping centre Akropole begun in May 2017. Customer SIA M257, construction works were performed by SIA Merks, author supervision was done by Sarma & Norde Arhitekti and construction supervision – by Bū

Visitors of the shopping and entertainment centre Akropole will be able to enjoy new shopping experience in a modern interior, complemented by unique entertainment options. Design of the building reflects a combination of modern and historical elements, as the shopping and entertainment centre is located on the grounds of the former porcelain factory. Stores which are already popular in Latvia, as well as new fashion brands will be represented in Akropole. The new shopping and entertainment centre will also host Apollo movie theatre with nine auditoriums, including the first IMAX theatre in Latvia, a spacious all year-round ice rink, gym, O’Learys entertainment area with bowling, pool and various sports game simulators, as well as a wide selection of restaurants and cafes for enjoyment of various food options.


Additional information:
Līga Andžāne
Akropole Riga Communications Consultant
Communications agency Fox Consulting
Phone: 29 38 62 18

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I-VII 10:00-22:00
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