The Akropole shopping centre: Ensuring safe shopping has always been and will always remain an integral part of our approach


The Akropole shopping and entertainment centre celebrated its two-year anniversary in early April. Much like the rest of the world, the Akropole centre has also spent half of this time amid pandemic restrictions, building on their existing experience and knowledge in the field of safe shopping. According to population survey data, during the autumn of last year, the Akropole shopping centre consolidated its position in the field of safe shopping with 61%* of the population naming Akropole as the safest shopping centre in Latvia.

“We are very proud and content that our visitors have highly appreciated our efforts to ensure safe shopping. The safest shopping centre status could be gained thanks to Akropole’s investments and hard work to implement several innovations that make shopping not only convenient, but also safe. This was also facilitated by the layout of Akropole with its spacious corridors and common areas. Even when all the shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues were open, the maximum occupancy of the Akropole centre was 30 square metres per person, which is more than even the current, strict restrictions require. We are fully prepared to provide a safe shopping environment and to welcome visitors when the shopping centers are reopened,” says Zane Kaktiņa, the Manager of the Akropole shopping and entertainment centre.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Akropole centre has been very proactive and has successfully installed innovative technological tools that help reduce the spread of the virus, such as introducing escalator armrest disinfection equipment, installing special air purifiers in lifts, providing contact-free hand disinfection equipment, and switching the centre’s ventilation systems to fresh air mode.

Since its opening in 2019, the Akropole shopping centre with the help of a modern BMS system has been continuously receiving and analysing online data on the exact level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in its retail premises. The maximum permissible value set by Akropole is 1000 ppm (parts per million). Two-year averages show that the COlevel at the Akropole shopping centre is 440-490 ppm, which corresponds to very good air quality.

Continuing to introduce new technologies to reduce the spread of the virus, this month, Akropole has started disinfecting various surfaces with the special and very effective, internationally recognised cleaning solution SAO (Stabilised Aqueous Ozone), which turns water and oxygen into a strong cleaning solution. It cleans and disinfects various surfaces effectively, destroying up to 99.99% of microorganisms, including viruses. SAO also replaces all-purpose chemical cleaning solutions, reducing their consumption by 70% and thus promoting a sustainable and safe environment while reducing the risk of allergies and the spread of viruses.

As a socially responsible company, the Akropole shopping and entertainment centre continues to carefully follow all the security measures set by the government, including monitoring the maximum number of visitors allowed to be present in the shopping centre simultaneously. For controlling the flow of visitors and indication of the number of clients who are in the building currently (occupancy), a modern “Sensormatic ShopperTrak” system is used, which calculates the flow of visitors online using 3D sensors located above the Akropole entrances, which receive and send real-time information about the flow intensity and number of visitors. The online system is programmed to provide security guards and the Akropole administration with continuous information on the current number of visitors and, if necessary, to prepare for a temporary closure of the entrances to restrict the flow of visitors. The Akropole shopping and entertainment centre ensures all the necessary measures for safe and convenient shopping.

*The survey was undertaken in October 2020 in collaboration with Omnicom Media Group, and surveyed more than 850 respondents aged between 15 and 74.

About the shopping and entertainment centre “Akropole”

“Akropole” is not only the most modern shopping and entertainment centre in Latvia, but also the first to receive the prestige BREEAM certificate in both its designing and also its construction stage,thanks to the high energy efficiency and sustainability standards with which the processes complied.“Akropole” was also recognised as the winner in the nomination category “New Public Building” in the“Latvian Construction Industry’s Annual Award 2019” contest, and was recognised as the best BIM object at “The Best Building of the Year in Latvia 2019”. Moreover, connected to “Akropole” shopping centre is the largest B+ class Business centre in Latvia.

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