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The most popular gifts during the festive season are sweets and cosmetics


The most popular gifts during the festive season are sweets and cosmetics. A survey shows that many people leave their festive shopping until the last moment


According to a survey conducted by the shopping and entertainment centre “Akropole” 89% of the Latvian population get presents for their loved ones during the run-up to Christmas and New Year, while 11% admit they don’t buy any gifts. Most people look for the gifts in the last month leading up to the festive season. Women buy them earlier than men, while sweets are clearly the most popular gift.

Only 3% of those surveyed buy Christmas gifts three months before, while 12% buy them two to three months before the holidays. The majority, i.e. 74%, leave the task of finding gifts until December, and almost one third of them only buy presents during the last two weeks before Christmas. The survey shows that women buy presents in a timelier manner than men, while gentlemen are three times more likely than women to leave the task of buying presents until the week before Christmas.

“By finding gifts to delight their loved ones in a timely manner, we save ourselves the stress of having to find gifts at the last moment. Next year “Akropole” shopping and entertainment centre will be the place to find gifts to satisfy each and every taste in one place. Here you will have access not just to various fashion and lifestyle stores and one of the biggest supermarkets in Latvia, but also to countless entertainment and leisure options, making it easy for you to bring smiles to your loved ones’ faces with the most appropriate presents,” says “Akropole Riga” CEO and “Akropolis Group” Board Member Kaspars Beitiņš. He points out that the option to buy all you need for the festive season in one place will allow you to save time and the energy you expend preparing for the festive season.

The most popular gifts - sweets, cosmetics and gift cards

According to the survey the most frequently purchased gift is sweets, followed by toys, fragrances and cosmetics, tickets to culture and entertainment events, gift cards to enjoy various goods and services, clothes and accessories, dishes and interior items, as well as books and money. Gift cards to enjoy various SPA or leisure activities are also on the list, as are magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Only 2% of those surveyed prepare handmade presents.

Interestingly, people in their twenties more than others gift money to their loved ones. They also give gift cards more often than any other age group. Amongst people in their thirties, the most popular presents are sweets, toys and gift cards for the purchase of goods or services, as well as leisure activities. Meanwhile, more than any others, folks in their fifties present gifts that they have made themselves. The survey shows that, on average, Latvians put magazine or newspaper subscriptions under the Christmas tree, while Russian speaking people choose fragrances and cosmetics. “A great option for those who prefer to leave the choice of presents to their loved ones would be an “Akropole” gift card, which allows the recipient to choose the product, service or entertainment and leisure experience they prefer,” adds Beitiņš.


* The Akropole population survey was conducted from 19-26 November 2018, in collaboration with Snapshots, surveying 729 of Latvia’s inhabitants, who are Internet users aged from 18 to 74 years.

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