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The only Christmas-themed concert of X Faktors participants at shopping and entertainment centre Akropole!


Right before the merriest holiday of the year, on December 19th at 19.00, a unique event will take place at the shopping and entertainment centre Akropole – the stars of the popular show X Faktors will perform in their first ever public concert! This season’s winner Elīna Gluzunova, the band that received Akropole’s special award – The Gardens, as well as other beloved participants of the show will take part in the Christmas-themed performance.

“Just before Christmas Akropole’s visitors and fans of the show will have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the first ever public concert of the stars of the show. There will be a fantastic atmosphere and moving performances – everyone is invited! Already for three seasons X Faktors has been serving as a great platform for young artists who want to become successful and famous singers in Latvia. We are proud that we and our tenants could lend a helping hand in the creation of the show,” says Zane Kaktiņa, CEO of shopping and entertainment centre Akropole.

Already at 19.00 in the event zone between centre’s entrances A and F, the festive concert will start with speeches and first performances. The spectators will be able to enjoy the most beautiful Latvian and world-famous Christmas songs and they will also have a chance to meet all the stars of this season of the show. Those who will not be able to watch the concert live, will have a chance to watch it on TV3 on December 24th.

“There are moments when you really, really hope for something and when you get it, you don’t know what to do with it. I am shocked, because I can’t believe it! A big thanks to everyone who supported me, voted and followed every concert. I will be glad to see all of you at the Akropole’s Christmas concert on December 19th!” declares Elīna Gluzunova, winner of the show’s third season.

The Christmas-themed concert is one of the many festive events that will take place at the shopping and entertainment centre throughout December. Until December 20th, a special Akropole phone booth is located in the event zone between the A and F entrances, which the children can use to phone Santa Claus in the North Pole and tell him their wishes, but already on December 21st and 22nd it will be possible to meet Santa Claus in person.

Also, until the New Year’s Eve Akropole’s Christmas market will provide an even wider selection of gifts for your loved ones. Here you will find a wide choice of delicacies, for example, gingerbread cookies and chocolate, honey, candy and candied fruit, as well as leather and wood crafts, knitted garments, home decors, handmade candles, teas and wines and other holiday surprises. Furthermore, it will also be possible to buy a Christmas tree outside the shopping and entertainment centre.

Akropole shopping and entertainment centre is the newest and the most modern shopping centre in Latvia. The biggest business centre that is connected with a shopping centre, is located in Akropole. Akropole is also home to the only Van Graaf multi-brand store, the only Deichmann footwear store and the only USC and adidas Originals sports and leisure stores in the Baltics. Furthermore, Akropole has the biggest Zara, Reserved, Oysho and KidzOne stores in Latvia, as well as the only River Island brand store which offers also a collection for men. The wide range of stores is complemented by restaurants and cafés to suit various tastes, a large all year skating rink, a cinema with nine movie theatres (including the first IMAX movie theatre in Latvia), a spacious and elegant Maxima XXX supermarket, a modern gym, and an outdoor kids’ playground. The O’Learys entertainment zone offers bowling, billiards, sports game simulators and other exciting leisure and entertainment options for the whole family

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