The rapidly growing beverage chain "Kabinets" invests 175 000 euros; opens a store in the shopping and entertainment centre "Akropole"


On 3 February, this year, the eighth store of the rapidly growing beverage chain "Kabinets" was opened in the most modern shopping centre in the Baltics - "Akropole". The parent company of the brand "SIA Devona" has invested 175 000 euros in the concept of the new store. Since the opening of the first "Kabinets" store in the beginning of 2019, 1.5 million euros have been invested in the development of the store chain.

SIA “Devona” owner Mārtiņš Silasproģis: "Developing a business in these difficult times is a big challenge, but we have set a goal that we are determined to pursue. The development of the "Kabinets" brand on such a large scale is the result of a clear vision and strategy that would not have been possible without the demand in the saturated beverage retail market. We are proud to be able to offer a range of quality drinks with a consistent and attractive pricing policy."

The "Kabinets" brand has been created with the aim of satisfying the demand of Rīga’s selective customers - from the atmosphere of the store to an attractive price offering. The store will create an elegant 132 m2 large space, which will contain 3 500 different products meant to delight the taste and preference of any visitor of the “Akropole” shopping centre and any beverage enthusiast. The signature feature of the store's assortment is the emphasis on the great variety of rum, whiskey, port wine, and collectible drinks.

Zane Kaktiņa, Manager of the shopping and entertainment centre "Akropole": "It is a real pleasure to see entrepreneurs who are able to find opportunities for growth and remaining active. We welcome the beverage store "Kabinets" among our tenants and we wish you success! The goal of the shopping and entertainment centre "Akropole" is not only to offer a new shopping experience, but also make shopping convenient and safe. We continue to take a number of security measures - spacious corridors of Akropole for maintaining the distance, air purification equipment, regular surface disinfection, and other measures to reduce the spread of the virus are an integral part of our daily routine to ensure the safety of visitors and staff."

To recall, the origins of the brand can be traced back to January 2019, when the company moved its business unit to Rīga and opened the first "Kabinets" beverage store Vienības gatve. Currently, additional stores of this chain can also be found in other popular shopping centres in Rīga and Ogre.

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