Women Are Invited to Reveal Their Everyday Sources of Inspiration at “Akropole” Shopping Centre’s Inspiration Evenings


To inspire women to discover things about and treat themselves, the multifunctional shopping and entertainment centre “Akropole” is organising a series of special events: Inspiration Evenings. On the first Thursday of each month, any member of the fairer sex is invited to hear meaningful lectures, inspiring stories, and tips on health, fashion and style from knowlegeable experts. The first Inspiration Evening will take place next week on October 1st at 18:00, and will be led by Host of Māmiņu Klubs, TV personality and lifestyle blogger Rūta Dvinska. Experts Diāna Zande, Una Ulme and Kristīne Beitika will give lectures over the course of the evening, talking about the priorities, age acceptance and the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, female standup star Džemma Sudraba will inject a healthy dose of humour. Entry to the event is free.


The aim of the Inspiration Evenings is to inspire women and encourage new discoveries. The event concept is leisure with added value, alone or with friends, in addition to learning new things and escaping the daily routine. Women are invited to come wearing something red.


The motto of the first Inspiration Evening is “I am at the centre of my own life”, an invitation to women to spend more time on themselves by coming to a relaxing, educational, female-oriented evening. For safety reasons, places at the event are limited, so women are invited to register in advance at Maminuklubs.lv to receive a free ticket.


“This year has brought many changes which have, to a certain extent, also impacted our well-being. By starting our Inspiration Evenings series, we want to inspire women to regain and maintain balance, and to find out how to help themselves feel happier during their hectic lives. Self care—both physical and mental—is a crucial everyday practice and one of the cornerstones of a happy life. I invite anyone interested to free up a few evening hours and spend this time on yourself, enjoying being at the centre of your own life,” explains Zane Kaktiņa, Head of multifunctional shopping and entertainment centre Akropole.


“The modern woman has an enormous amount of responsibilities, but too little leisure and time for themselves. More than 80% of women we surveyed, many of which are women with families and mothers of small children, stated that they find it difficult to unite their responsibilities with their own needs. It is hard to find time for themselves, although this is necessary for recharging their resources and energy. It is only natural that women want more relaxation and time with friends in their everyday lives. We are not just mothers, employees or partners, we are also just ourselves, at the centre of our own lives. The Inspiration Evenings will be quality time spent gaining new knowledge and the chance to meet inspiring experts,” adds Sandija Salaka, Head of the Māmiņu Klubs organisation and parent-oriented media source.


The themes of the event on October 1st will be aimed at womens’ psychological and physical well-being. Alongside knowledgeable experts, we will explore our life priorities.


Event programme (6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.)


Psychotherapist Diāna Zande’s central event lecture - Women at the centres of their own lives: how to create healthy self-confidence. Diāna Zande will invite women to consider whether they prioritise themselves. Basic needs, responsibilities, and the challenges of uniting work and family are often reasons for burnout, which can create low self-esteem in the long run; the phrase “I can’t cope!” is familiar to all women. By placing themselves at the centre of their own life, accepting their needs and accepting themself without needing perfection, a woman can feel more mentally stable.


Lecture by Una Ulme, author of the book Beauty Is Ageless - How can a woman accept herself at any age? Una Ulme, lifestyle influencer and founder of the ageless movement in Latvia will encourage women to accept their age - women aged around 30 and over often feel insecure around their age. Una will talk about how we, women, have to remind ourselves that age really is just a number if we accept ourselves, our body and the changing mind.


Kristīne Beitika, healthy living enthusiast and Instagram blogger - My looks - my self-confidence. An inspirational story of how to use small healthy changes to introduce a healthier lifestyle and accept yourself. Kristīne Beitika will share her experience of making changes in her own life, losing weight in a healthy way and accepting herself.


Female standup star and comedian Džemma Sudraba to close the evening - Everything in its place for a woman! Sudraba will use her sparkling humour to look from the outside at typical female worries.


The Inspiration Evenings event series will take place on the first Thursday of every month from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in Akropole’s event zone on the first floor, between entrances A and F. The evenings will feature useful lectures, chances to meet with recognised experts from various fields, lifestyle tips and exciting activities for women to enjoy with their friends. The themes covered in the events will include female well-being, health, healthy lifestyles, self development, inspiration for improving your career, fashion and style tips, the art of relationships and other topics to help women feel more knowledgeable and self-assured.


Inspiration Evenings are events organised by the multifunctional shopping and entertainment centre “Akropole” and Māmiņu Klubs, the media source for parents. Informative support will be given by the channel STV Pirmā!.


About “Akropole” shopping and entertainment centre


“Akropole” shopping and entertainment centre is home to the only Van Graaf multi-brand store in the Baltics, as well as the region’s only USC and Adidas Originals sporting and lifestyle goods stores. This is also the place where you can find the biggest Zara, Reserved, Deichmann, Oysho, Guess and KidzOne brand stores in Latvia. The extensive range of shops is augmented by restaurants and cafés for various tastes, a spacious and elegant Maxima XXX supermarket, a modern Lemon Gym sports club, an all-year ice rink and other shopping and entertainment options for the entire family.


“Akropole” is not only the newest and most modern shopping and entertainment centre in Latvia, but also the first shopping and entertainment centre which, thanks to the highest energy efficiency and sustainability standards, has received the prestige BREEAM certificate at the designing and also at the construction stage. “Akropole” has also been recognized as the winner in the nomination category “The Best New Public Building” of the competition “Latvian Construction Annual Awards 2019” and has been acknowledged as the best BIM object in the show “The Best Building of the Year in Latvia 2019”. In addition, it is home to the largest B+ class Business Centre in Latvia, which is connected to the shopping centre.

Working hours

I-VII 10:00-21:00
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I-VII 08.00-23.00
Skating Rink
I–VII 9.00–22.00
Lemon Gym
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