AKROPOLE is the most modern shopping and entertainment center in Latvia with a wide selection of brands, almost 30 cafes and restaurants, as well as a variety of entertainment options. Here you will find the biggest shops of your favorite brands, new and unique brands, as well as special offers only available in AKROPOLE.

AKROPOLES stars are special offers that are only available to AKROPOLE visitors - unique collections, special discounts and nice surprises.

Check out all the offers below and use the opportunity to delight yourself with one of the AKROPOLES stars.

Welcome to AKROPOLE!


Working hours

I-VII 10:00-22:00
Maxima XXX
I-VII 08.00-23.00
Skating Rink
I-VII 10:00-22:00
I–VII 9.00–22.00
Lemon Gym
I-V 06:00-23:00
VI-VII 09:00-22:00