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Akropole invites – shop at us safely and conveniently!

Akropole invites – shop at us safely and conveniently!

Every hour we disinfect and clean all the handles and surfaces.

Throughout the day we operate ventilation in a fresh air mode – so the air would be fresher than outside.

And in the wide premises, we provide easy shopping at the desired distance!

So you can buy everything you need safely and conveniently in one place – in Akropole!

Capital of safe shopping!


Taking care of the safety of employees and visitors, the shopping and entertainment centre continues to carefully carry out all the security measures implemented so far, as well as proactively and on its own initiative takes additional measures to limit the spread of the disease. Anticipating an increase in the number of customers, Akropole administration will closely monitor in the online systems the number of visitors being in the shopping centre at the same time. In case there are more visitors at the shopping and entertainment centre than necessary to ensure a safe distance, the entrance into Akropole will be regulated. At each entrance, hand disinfectants are placed, which are regularly refilled, in addition to standard cleaning requirements intense cleaning of contact surfaces with disinfectants is performed in addition to standard cleaning procedures, and Akropole ventilation systems are switched from circulation mode to fresh air mode, which together with air filters ensure that the air inside the shopping and entertainment centre is cleaner than the air outside.

The wide corridors of Akropole allow you to make purchases safely without difficulty keeping your distance from other visitors, and posters and information notices encourage visitors not to crowd and keep their distance. Besides, protective glass has been installed in Akropole info centre and Business Centre reception, shopping and entertainment centre recreation areas have been redesigned, ensuring a distance of 2 m between seats, as well as all employees closely monitor their health and are asked to use all the necessary protective equipment.

Even in these challenging conditions, shopping at Akropole is safe, and more than 150 shops, including the restaurants and cafes Gan Bei, Sushi Express, Costa Coffe, Lage, Manthatann and Yogoland, candy store Rūta, clothing and accessories stores CooCulte, Pietro Filipi and Superdry, customer centres of mobile operators Tele2 and LMT, as well as VX/Visionaire, Given, MTTC, Dāvanu serviss, etc., which have been reopened in May, continue to work. Everything you need can be found in one place at Akropole, so, in order to stay safe and healthy, you will not have to go to other points of sale.

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