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About Akropole
About Akropole

Akropole is one of the most modern shopping and entertainment centres in the Baltics, offering its visitors a brand-new shopping experience as well as exciting leisure and entertainment options. The latest architectural and interior trends are combined in the center with the heritage of the former Kuznetsov Porcelain Factory, making Akropole an attractive destination for any Rigan or visitor to the city.

In our diverse offering you’ll find over 170 fashion and lifestyle product stores representing brands that are already popular in Latvia, and also alluring new brands that have not been represented here before. For example, in Akropole you will find the first Van Graaf multi-brand store in the Baltics, as well as the first Oysho fashion store and USC sporting goods store in Latvia. 

Your whole family will enjoy shopping and entertainment in Akropole. We look forward to welcoming you to our state-of-the-art Apollo cinema with its nine auditoriums, including two restaurant auditoriums and the first IMAX movie theatre in Latvia, a spacious indoor skating rink, O’Learys entertainment centre, Lemon Gym and childrens' playground. 

Combine shopping and leisure time in Akropole with the enjoyment of an eclectic range of meals at approximately 30 restaurants and cafés and purchase your daily necessities in the elegant and spacious MAXIMA XXX store.

For the convenience of drivers, a car park for 2,300 cars is available outdoors.

Akropole is the first shopping centre in the Baltics to obtain the prestigious BREEAM certificate that certifies the compatibility of the project with the highest energy efficiency and sustainability standards, providing the most environmentally and people friendly solutions. 

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