Give all wishes in one gift!

With “AKROPOLE” gift card – all wishes in one gift! It can be used in two biggest shopping centers in Latvia – "AKROPOLE Alfa" on Brīvības street and "AKROPOLE Rīga" on Latgales street. Purchase the gift card in "AKROPOLE" shopping centers or online:

Give all wishes in one gift, allowing your loved ones to choose for themselves from more than 300 clothing, footwear, children's, active leisure, home, and electrical goods stores, entertainment options, and restaurants.

The gift card can be spent gradually until its expiration date, allowing to keep up the holiday spirit for longer!

Get acquainted with the terms of use of AKROPOLE Gift Cards HERE.

Gift card validity period

AKROPOLE gift cards are valid for 6 months and can be renewed for up to an additional 6 months, for a total validity period of 12 months from the date of purchase. The renewal fee is €1.45 per gift card and can be done at the AKROPOLE Riga Information Centre.

Check the validity period of the gift card by entering the card number in the section at the bottom of this page!

Gift card denominations

Moreover, you may select the amount of "AKROPOLE" Gift Card to the accuracy of 0,01 €: from the smallest amount of 10 € to the largest nominal value of 150 €.

"AKROPOLE" Gift Card can be purchased:

Important information! By purchasing "AKROPOLE" Gift Card, you confirm that you have acknowledged with the Rules for the Use of AKROPOLE Gift Card.

Validity and balance checking

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