Professional approach to your visual image.  Enjoy 2 hours shopping tour in the capital of fashion "AKROPOLE Rīga"with one of our outstanding stylists! 
Price of the service – 40 EUR for two hours. If you spend at least 150 EUR in the shops of "AKROPOLE Rīga", this service is FREE OF CHARGE!
Besides, during your shopping tour the stylists will help you to find sets of clothes that suit you most, as well as will introduce to the latest fashion trends. When you shop together with stylists, you will also have better price offers in several shops of "AKROPOLE Rīga".

This service is available only with a prior application. 

Our stylists

 Juliya Verbickaya
Juliya Verbickaya

Has studied at Central Saint Martin's University in London. 
Works with such magazines and brands as  L’Officiel, Forbes, Pastaiga, Porsche, Burberry, Armani, Schwarzkopf, McDonalds, Air Baltic and others. 
Fashion section editor for magazines Lilit, Forbes and OK.
Has received the Award of the Fashion Federation for the best photo shoot for a magazine. 
She is the stylist for several celebrities in Latvia, for example, Markus Riva and Dons, as well as globally known musicians such as  Mumij Troll.
Juliya is of the opinion that "To look good, you don't need to spend a lot of money."

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 Anita Altmane
Anita Altmane

One of the leading stylists / image designers in Latvia. 
Has obtained the highest education in fashion design and management of creative industries by studying in Latvia and the UK. 
Has received the recognition awards of the Baltic Fashion Federation.
Creates styling and leads photo shoots of celebrities for the leading publications in Latvia (Pastaiga, Pastaiga.Ru, L’Officiel, Lilit, Lilit.Ru, Santa, OK!, Cosmopolitan, Klubs, Pērle). 
Has been a TV host and a member of jury in several fashion and transformation TV shows. 
Worked in Dubai from 2017 to 2019, creating images for fashion shows (Dubai Mall), stylings for glossy fashion magazines (Vogue Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia) and commercial photo shoots. Has worked as a lecturer and read a course ‘’Professional Fashion Styling” at the Institute of Luxury Fashion & Style, AAE. 
Anita says: “The trends of fashion metropolis and glossy magazines inspire us and make as dream, however the real everyday life dictates its own rules. The rich assortment of shops can be confusing and make one feel stuck, therefore the private stylist is the professional you need, helping you to draw the necessary 'route map'  and sharing knowledge and experience.”

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