Majai confectionery shop is unique. There are no such candy shops anywhere in the world containing so many sweets from all over the world for kids and grownups. About 2000 different names of candies stocked in an area of 100 m2. We taste all sweets, and choose only the most delicious with the best quality. Majai is a standard and warranty of high-quality sweets.
The gift packs are unique – our designers create hand-made packages which vary like a collection of the seasons. Customers notice and appreciate this. Among the finest sweets in the world, Majai also stocks a number of sweets from Lithuania. We have over 30 years work experience, of which 15 years were as a retail confectionery network in Lithuania ,Latvia, Poland.  MAJAI – the place for sweet gifts.

Working hours

I-VII 10:00-21:00
Maxima XXX
I-VII 08.00-23.00
I–VII 9.00–22.00
Lemon Gym
I-VII 00:00-24:00