O'Learys Restaurants have a genuine Bostonian atmosphere, providing a great excuse to drop by for drinks while watching a game, enjoying a meal with family and friends, or entertaining your business clients. We believe that it's the mix of people that makes you feel at home. At O'Learys everyone is welcome! Jonas Reinholdsson - Founder of O'Learys.

 Bowling is a recreational hangout for many people - it is loved because it is enjoyable and fun. 
 It is the perfect recreation for families as they can spend quality time together at the bowling alley. Everyone loves to play this sport because it can be adapted to anyone's lifestyle. It is recognized as one of the most popular indoor sports of all times. It does not matter whether a person is a good player or not; what is important is that it is enjoyed and loved by all who play.

 Mark Twain: "The billiard table is better than the doctor". The O'Learys team fully agrees, because billiard is an exciting game and can serve as a good background for conversation between friends or colleagues.

Shuffleboard is the perfect way to spend time with friends or family. Everyone can play this game regardless of age or previous experience. Our helpful staff will gladly introduce you to the rules of the game. Shuffleboard was already played during the time of Henry VIII. You have to agree that if the game can survive for 500 years and doesn't lose its topicality - it's worth getting to know!

Virtual Reality Simulators
 Virtual reality is a three-dimensional environment created by a computer that you can interact with. Thanks to digital technology, everyone has the opportunity to experience their bodies in the virtual world. Not only strategic thinking, but also physical endurance is needed, because after a few minutes you have to employ not only your mind, but also the whole body.

Working hours

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Lemon Gym
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