First Burger King restaurant in Latvia and Lithuania to open in the Riga Akropole and the Vilnius Akropolis shopping centre


Tallink Grupp, the Burger King franchise owner in the Baltic states, has this week announced the locations of the first restaurants of the global fast food chain in Latvia and Lithuania. In both countries the first restaurants will be opened in the shopping centres operated by the Akropolis Group. In Latvia the first restaurant will open in the Riga Akropole shopping centre and in Lithuania in the Vilnius Akropolis shopping centre. The restaurants will open in the second half of 2020.

Commenting on the decision regarding the location of the first restaurants, Katre Kõvask, Tallink Grupp’s Head of Onshore Retail and the project lead for the Burger King franchise launch in the Baltics, said:

„We have long sought the best locations for the first restaurants in Latvia and Lithuania and I am pleased that we have now reached this agreement with the Akropolis Group and that the first of the famous brand’s restaurants will be opened in their shopping centres.

„Our goal is to launch the restaurants in popular locations with significant footfall to secure immediate visibility and trade from the first day. We are confident that the Akropole and Akropolis shopping centres, together with our strong partnership with the Akropolis Group, will enable us to enter the Latvian and Lithuanian fast food markets successfully, thus laying a good foundation also for furher expansion with the Burger King franchise in these markets.“

"Since the opening of Akropolis and Akropole shopping and entertainment centers, we have been guided by the ambition to be the first choice for both the customers and the most well-known brands when entering the Baltics market. We are glad that the world-renowned fast food chain, beloved by fans and long-awaited in Lithuania and Latvia, Burger King, will start operating in Vilnius Akropolis and Riga Akropole. This is a great recognition for us and it will allow us to offer customers an even wider choice of catering establishments.” says Zane Kaktina, manager os shopping and entertainment centre Akropole.

Tallink Grupp acquired the Burger King franchise for the Baltics in autumn 2019. The company opened the first Burger King restaurants in Tallinn, Estonia on 20 May 2020. In total, the company plans to open more than 40 Burger King restaurants in the Baltics, creating more than 800 new jobs in the process. For more information about Burger King, please visit

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