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The offer is valid till 2021-12-31

Wearing correction glasses in the summer solves the "rebus": how to see well and protect your eyes from the sun? Ordinary transparent glasses are ideal for office work, but they do not protect from the bright sun outside. 

One of the best solutions are glasses with tinted "photochromic" lenses. These lenses darken outdoors and become transparent indoors. New technologies allow combining mirror and tinted lenses, glasses are quickly tinted and lightened. In addition, you can choose lenses from several available colors. "Lens-chameleon" came back to fashion - these glasses became favorite among young people.

In “Fielmann” optics, we offer a variety of colors and different collections of “Transitions” lenses. 

The classic “Signature” collection is renewed with fashionable colors: bronze, green, blue and purple.

The lenses of the “XTRActive” collection darken, reacting not only to UV rays, like the classic “photochromic” lenses, but also to the intensity of light. Thus, these lenses are especially dark at intense sunlight.

By the way, the classic "photochromic" lenses in the car do not darken, because the UV rays are blocked by the windows of the car. However, “XTRActive” lenses darken even in a car - the level of darkening depends on the temperature and amount of UV rays, as well as the intensity of sunlight.

The lenses of the “Flash to Mirror” collection combine photochromic technology with a mirror effect. A clear lens has minimal color and a small mirror effect indoors. Outside at sunlight, the lens darkens and the mirror effect reaches its maximum.

The “XTRActive Flash to Mirror” collection combines the latest technologies - maximum darkening and mirror effect.

Learn more about “Transitions” in Fielmann optics.

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