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Have you ever searched for glasses to find other ones? Those who use several types of glasses - reading glasses, glasses for seeing into the distance, will realize how difficult can be to search for glasses or a constantly change between them.

Nowadays, with one - progressive glasses, three problems can be solved at once: correcting myopia, presbyopia, and at the same time ensure good vision at a medium distance, for example, working at a desk. The lenses of these glasses are designed for vision at different distances: near, far and middle distance.

Using progressive glasses, you will be able to recognize your colleague standing at the other end of the corridor, during the meeting you will be able to look into the eyes of your business partners and read the draft contract without changing glasses. Progressive glasses are suitable for all occasions and all distances.

Progressive lenses: good vision at any distance

Optics specialists also title progressive glasses “multifocal” glasses, since several vision needs are corrected with a single lens. It means that looking through the upper part of the lens you will see well objects that are at the long distance, and looking through the lower part of glasses you will see close objects well. Modern methods of production ensure minimal obscure image appears only in the peripheral (side) zone of progressive lens, which most users hardly notice, moreover, this can be easily compensated by turning the head.

Progressive glasses are a convenient and modern opportunity for the correction of presbyopia. Progressive lenses visually have no difference from simple monofocal lenses that are designed for near and distance vision.

Using progressive glasses, you do not have to constantly change glasses - this is a great relief for people whose eyes need to quickly adapt with frequent changes in visual situations and distances. Unlike reading glasses, progressive glasses provide excellent vision near, far and at middle distance. The transition from one zone of view to other occurs "gradually" (according to the principle of progress), and that is why these glasses are called progressive glasses. Using progressive glasses, your eyes will easily “slide” back and forth between different visual distances.


Carefully choose a frame for glasses, since not all frames are suitable for progressive glasses - an appropriate size of lenses is also required. To select the most appropriate progressive glasses, contact the nearest Fielmann optic.

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