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With AKROPOLE Points Card, you’ll earn a point for every 25 euros spent on shopping in Akropole. Use points for leisure at the Akropole ice rink, restaurants, entertainment area and Apollo cinema with a discount up to 80%.

Or enjoy relaxation in a spa – at Hotel Jūrmala SPA or Hotel Sigulda!

Earn points until October 18 and use offers until December 31.

The list of all offers

How to use the benefits of the Akropole Points Card? 

1.    Obtain the Points Card at the Akropole information center, or the special Campaign information points.

2.    Activate the card at Akropole website: akropoleriga.lv or scan the QR code on the card.

3.    Shop at Akropole and collect points for discounts!

Collect points until 18 October and use offers until as long as 31 December.

Important to know! 

  • Card activation can take up to one business day after registration!
  • Campaign Points’ collection period: 29.06.2020-18.10.2020 (inclusive).
  • Using of Points collected during the Campaign to purchase Campaign Leisure Services: 29.06.2020-31.12.2020 (inclusive), period of using the “Hotel Jūrmala SPA” offer: 01.09.2020-31.05.2021. Period of using the “Hotel Sigulda” offer: 29.06.2020-30.04.2021 (excluding 31.12.2020).
  • When shopping at s/c AKROPOLE points of sale and points of provision of services, each time when paying for the purchase, the Participant must present his/her Points Card to the Salesperson of the respective point of sale, and the Salesperson registers the amount of the respective purchase on the Points Card. Every 25 euros spent during the Points collection period and registered accordingly on the Points Card are automatically converted into 1 point.
  • To receive points for purchases made at the Apollo Cinema self-service cash registers and MaryMaris, the participant not later than 24 hours after purchase must go to s/c Akropole Campaign information pointswhere, after showing the receipt, the respective purchase will be registered on the Participant's Points Card.
  • S/c Akropole stores and service providers whose purchases cannot be registered with the Points Card – supermarket “MAXIMA XXX”, “Euroaptieka”, “Drogas”, “Vynoteka”, “Eco Dumas”, “Royal smoke”, as well as „Citadele banka”, “InCredit”, „Money express”, „BTA”, „Swedbank”, "Latvijas pasts", ”TAVEX”, and the s/c Akropole Information Centre.
  • When awarding points, points are not calculated for purchase receipts that include purchases of alcohol, tobacco products, energy drinks, medicaments, purchase of gift cards, as well as the paying of bills.

What do you have to do to purchase one of the campaign's leisure services? 

  • The Participant must collect the respective number of points and go to the s/c AKROPOLE Information Centre, inform its employee about the Campaign Leisure Service he/she wishes to purchase, and present his/her Points Card,
  • The Participant pays for the selected Campaign Leisure Service and the employee of the Information Centre issues the Participant a Campaign Leisure Service Coupon, which the employee can use to receive the respective Campaign leisure service.
  • To use the Coupon, the participant must go to the place providing the respective Campaign leisure service (a restaurant, store, the ice rink, the cinema, etc.) and inform an employee that they want to use the awarded Coupon.
  • The Employee of the respective service provider accepts the respective Coupon and provides the respective service or product specified in the Coupon.
  • The Coupon is no longer valid after the end of its expiration date
  • The Coupon must be used in a single go. Using the Coupon in parts is not intended.
  • The value of the respective Campaign leisure service can exceed the value of the Campaign leisure service indicated on the Coupon. In his case, the owner of the Coupon must pay the price difference.
  • The respective Campaign leisure service can be used in a smaller amount than its value. In this case, the price difference is not paid back to the Coupon's owner.
  • The employee is responsible for keeping the Coupon and its safety. A lost Coupon is not renewed or exchanged. The employee can give the coupon to other people. The person showing the Coupon will be seen as its owner.

Full terms and conditions are available HERE!

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